United Utilities call off hosepipe ban after heavy rain

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The water company was criticised last month after it announced plans for the ban affecting 7m households and it was revealed to be the second-worst supplier for leaking pipes.

This staggering amount equates to 175 Olympic-sized swimming pools' worth of water.

It last imposed a ban in 2010 and the called off ban would have been the third in the company's 23-year history.

United Utilities said that it hoped not to have to impose a hosepipe ban or use the permits but...

It also said customers' water-saving efforts meant there was no need to introduce any restrictions, but that a future ban in the autumn might be a possibility.

"Our leakage teams are working 24 hours a day to find and fix as many leaks as possible and we have been moving water around our network", he said.

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"We have also been making operational interventions such as installation of new pumping stations, pumping between reservoirs, bringing ground water sources into use and prioritising maintenance to help ensure supplies have not been interrupted during the prolonged hot spell".

Recent rainfall and a reduction in customers' water usage, combined with the measures being taken by United Utilities to maximise water available in its network for supply, has led to the lifting of the hosepipe ban planned for this weekend across the North West of England.

'In the meantime, we are continuing to step up our own response and over the coming weeks you will see our teams out and about, bringing additional water supplies on line and fixing even more leaks.

"We would like to thank all of our customers who have helped in recent weeks by saving water wherever they can around the home and in the garden", he said.

Thames Water is urging its customers to save water as it expects demand to rise in the hot weather again.

The first half of the summer was the driest on record in the United Kingdom, and last month was the third hottest July recorded, though much of the country experienced cool, wet and windy weather last weekend.

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