UK PM May urges Boris Johnson to apologise for burqa comments

Boris Johnson sparked a furore over his comments

Boris Johnson sparked a furore over his comments

Former British foreign secretary Boris Johnson will face an internal investigation over complaints that he violated the ruling Conservative Party's code of conduct when he wrote in a newspaper column last week that women in burqas resemble "bank robbers" and "letter boxes".

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May shared, "I think Boris Johnson used language in describing people's appearance that has obviously caused offense".

Boris Johnson is to face investigation by an independent panel following complaints that his comments on the burka breached the Conservative Party's code of conduct.

A spokesman said only: "The code of conduct process is strictly confidential".

Asked what she made of the language the former foreign secretary used, Ms Dick told the BBC Asian Network: "Some people have clearly found it offensive".

"In his recent comments Boris Johnson further fuels Islamophobic sentiments by comparing women who wear burkas to letterboxes and bank robbers".

Critics have accused him of stoking Islamophobia to boost his Tory leadership ambitions but his supporters have said he was speaking up for "liberal values".

Ms Faifi, who wears niqab, a veil which leaves the eyes uncovered, said she could "empathise" with people who find it hard to connect with women whose full faces they cannot see.

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In a letter written to The Times Mr Hargey, who has spoken out in the past against Muslim-only schools and gender segregation in mosques, said that Islamic face coverings have "no Koranic legitimacy".

Some suspected Johnson's burqa comments were meant to boost his appeal among right-wing members of the party.

It said Islamophobia was "heavily gendered" with white men carrying out nearly three quarters of verified incidents past year, while Muslim women made up more than half of victims.

She told Premier Mr Johnson's comments have already had a negative impact on communities.

In response to Johnson's remarks, the Muslim Council of Britain said that Johnson was "pandering to the far right" with his remarks.

"If a woman wants to wear a short dress, it is her right and freedom to do so".

Shreen Mahmood, a radio presenter in Birmingham who wears the hijab, said she had suffered verbal abuse and knew of others who had been spat at or had their head coverings pulled.

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