Twitter CEO defends decision not to ban Alex Jones and InfoWars

Twitter Gives a Very Bad and Unsatisfying Explanation for Why It Won’t Ban Alex Jones

Twitter Gives a Very Bad and Unsatisfying Explanation for Why It Won’t Ban Alex Jones

On Twitter, Jones and his media company's tweets calling Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg a Nazi, asserting that homosexuality and pedophilia are connected and threatening to "destroy" drag queens, among many other things, would seem to be in clear violation of those policies.

Apple will continue to allow the InfoWars mobile app on its App Store even after removing nearly all of the podcast episodes associated with Alex Jones' conspiracy-theory website from its platforms. Since the app hosts livestreams rather than recorded videos or audio clips (like the removed InfoWars podcasts), it makes it harder to discover when the app itself has violated Apple's rules.

On Tuesday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey defended his company's decision to allow controversial political personality Alex Jones to keep his content online; saying he wasn't suspended because he "hasn't violated our rules". However, CNN found that all the content that prompted the other companies to ban Jones was also posted to Twitter.

Following the purge of Infowars by big tech companies earlier this week, the Infowars app has been trending: now, it's ranked No. 3 in the "News" category of Apple's App Store, behind Twitter and News Break and ahead of apps for news organizations including CNN, Fox News, the New York Times, and BuzzFeed.

After CNN's report was published, all 20 of the Infowars tweets were deleted.

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Apple's decision to remove all episodes of Jones' popular show - rather than just specific offending episodes - is one of the largest enforcement actions meant to curb conspiratorial news content by a technology company to date.

The two agreed that users should mute or block accounts that offend them ― though people who feel victimized by Infowars conspiracy theories would likely remind them that Alex Jones' followers have been known to terrorize his targets. Users can watch Jones's programs only live or via rebroadcasts of shows that recently aired, meaning that people using the app can access specific content only temporarily.

"So, these are models that are looking at behaviors and behaviors of bad-faith actors who intend to manipulate, distract, divide a conversation or to unfairly amplify their content which they didn't earn so those are the signals that factor in and we do rank search, we do rank trends and we do rank conversations accordingly", Dorsey said.

However, the InfoWars app is still available in Google's Play app marketplace. "If an app or user violates these, we take action". We've tried to codify them in our terms of service.

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