The Oscars Just Added A New Category

Oscars Now streamlined and more populist than before

Oscars Now streamlined and more populist than before

Here are ten films in last ten years that would have surely won the Oscars if the Best Popular Film Category was introduced 10 years back.

The Academy Awards telecast has been bleeding viewers in recent years, with the broadcast of the 2018 ceremony suffering from a 39-percent loss in viewership from the 2014 show. "That's what the Teen Choice Awards are for".

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences governors approved a series of changes to the Academy Awards ceremony on Tuesday (07Aug18) - including the introduction of a new prize honouring the year's biggest films.

The Academy is still working out details like what qualifies as "popular".

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Of course, a quick glance at social media as a whole shows that overall most non-film industry folk are appreciative of the new category, as it's a sign that the Oscars are at least aware of their image problem and looking to change it.

When comedian Jimmy Kimmel hosted this year's Oscars, he may have unwittingly foreshadowed the controversy when he joked that blockbuster movie "Black Panther" had been so successful it was already the favorite to not get nominated the next year. They believe people will just adjust to the changes over time. All of this comes on the heels of a very successful year for Disney, with Black Panther garnering near-universal acclaim for its empowering message and tackling the complex issue of globalism with considerable thought and care. The biggest Academy Awards audience on record came in 1998 when the blockbuster "Titanic" was named best picture. This has a lot of people confused - what makes a movie "popular"?

Gregory Ellwood, the editor-at-large of The Playlist, noted that in the past decade there have been a significant number of $100 million-plus earners nominated for best picture, like "Gravity", "Dunkirk", "GASAt Out", "Toy Story 3", "The Help", and the "The Revenant", and some of which went on to win, like "Argo", "The King's Speech", and "Slumdog Millionaire".

The decision to create a special category for popular films sparked an immediate backlash, with one critic saying it smacked of desperation. This year's telecast, hosted by Jimmy Kemmel, which was nearly four-hour long, dropped to an all-time low of 19 percent from the previous year to just 26.5 million viewers, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

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