President Trump Issues Statement Ahead of Deadly Charlottesville Anniversary

Businesses say they'll refuse service to Unite the Right attendees in DC

Businesses say they'll refuse service to Unite the Right attendees in DC

US President Donald Trump, often accused of denigrating non-white people, condemned racism Saturday as the nation marked the anniversary of deadly unrest triggered by a neo-Nazi rally here.

A handful of Unite the Right protestors are preparing to mark the first anniversary of the protest by marching in Washington, DC, which may spark further riots from leftist groups.

Members of the leftist Answer Coalition plan a "mass action" to protest the white nationalists.

Accusations of racism have shadowed Trump over his decades as a real estate mogul, reality television star and president. Asked by a reporter about the book Saturday at his club in Bedminster, New Jersey, the president held a hand to his mouth, as if to whisper, and said: "Lowlife".

In the past, similar far-right demonstrations have been dwarfed by counterprotests.

'We have a number of techniques to keep them separate, ' Newsham said.

Several counterprotesters gathered near the Washington suburban metro station of Vienna, Virginia, where some white nationalists were expected to board trains to take them into the city.

"People are welcome into the community, people are invited into the community", she said. Police officers cleared a path through the counterprotesters for the group to march through on their way to Lafayette Park outside the White House.

Trump drew scorn after the Charlottesville bloodshed for initially avoiding any condemnation of the torch-bearing white nationalists who took part in that rally. The group sang songs, and speakers addressed the crowd.

Susan Bro, mother of Heather Heyer, visited the site where her daughter was killed a year ago in Charlottesville, Virginia, and told a crowd of supporters that Heyer wouldn't want the attention surrounding the anniversary of the Charlottesville protests to be focused on her.

Demonstrators unfurled a banner that said "Last year they came w/ torches. If you rush to heal, if you rush to everybody grab each other and sing kumbaya, we will be back here in a few years". "We don't see no riot here".

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Ryan recalled how a group of students and community members faced off against the white supremacist marchers near a statue of Thomas Jefferson on campus, calling it a "remarkable moment of courage and bravery".

"There's a profound difference in this year and last year and that is the heavy police presence", said Lisa Woolfork, an associate professor of English at the University of Virginia and a local organizer with Black Lives Matter. On Saturday night, she was angry at the police response to the student rally. The declarations enable law enforcement to access state resources, including the National Guard, if unrest breaks out at events in and around Charlottesville and outside Washington, where a "Unite the Right 2" rally is scheduled.

At a Virginia metro station, NPR's Larry Kaplow reported that a small group of white supremacist demonstrators, some of them carrying USA flags and hiding their faces with bandannas, boarded a train to D.C. under heavy police presence.

Fighting broke out between attendees and counterprotesters that day. Authorities eventually forced the crowd to disperse, but a vehicle later barreled into the crowd of peaceful counterprotesters, killing Heyer and injuring dozens more.

Two Virginia state troopers who were monitoring the rally were later killed in the line of duty when their helicopter crashed.

In an interview with The Atlantic, Bro discussed in-depth the year since Heather was killed.

On Saturday, marchers in Charlottesville held peaceful demonstrations and people laid flowers on a makeshift memorial to Heyer.

Ahead of the anniversary of the deadly rally, Heyer's mother Susan Bro said she is proud of her daughter and the difference her legacy is making. Dozens of others were injured during the event.

"There is so much healing to do".

"We have people coming to our city for the sole goal of spewing hate", Bowser said at a news conference Thursday.

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