If Harry Potter Was Made In Bollywood Here's Who Would Play Who!

Harry Potter and JK Rowling

Harry Potter and JK Rowling

Harry Potter shares a birthday with the woman who penned him into existence, J.K. Rowling.

The story of how she came to create the world-famous children's book series is almost as well-known as that of the boy wizard himself. To celebrate the birthday of its author JK Rowling and its main wizard Harry Potter, a number of events have been dedicated across the world.

Not only is the Twitter-sphere lit up with tributes from fans young and old, several stores and businesses are doing Harry Potter related sales in honor of the 38-year-old wizard.

The magical world she created has brought joy to millions of fans, but the life lessons she has given outside of the books are just as heartwarming. The cake is shown with green icing over pink frosting reading "Happee birthdae Harry". "Moreover, the J.K. Rowling books may have started with a target readership of children but they eventually have grown beyond that".

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Ask her if her peers like Harry Potter too, and she says, "It is one of the most famous children's book and people love to read it".

Metro UK notes that you can also calculate the age of the "Boy Who Lived" based on a clue from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

On 16 November, 2001, the first Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, opened in America and was a huge box office success, earning a worldwide total of $974 755 371. In fact, a few months back a friend who has never read fiction books asked for a recommendation and my first one was the Harry Potter series.

The current cast of the London production features by Jamie Ballard as Harry Potter, Susie Trayling as Ginny Potter and Joe-Idris Roberts playing their son, Albus Potter. Hermione Granger: "The girl who delivers Ron and Harry from danger (again and again and again)". Without her vision, who knows where a lot of us would be. The Harry Potter title is in the familiar series font but is embossed in glossy metallic colors to contrast with the flat-laminated cover. One person wrote, "Harry Potter helped me believe that anything is possible". "My father introduced me to this world. Thank you", Rowling tweeted Tuesday morning.

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