Containment grows for California wildfire

A firefighter lights a backfire while battling the Ranch Fire part of the Mendocino Complex Fire on Tuesday Aug. 7 2018 near Ladoga Calif

A firefighter lights a backfire while battling the Ranch Fire part of the Mendocino Complex Fire on Tuesday Aug. 7 2018 near Ladoga Calif

"I thought, there's no way they're saving my house".

Three firefighters suffered minor injuries battling the blaze that has consumed more than 10,200 acres since it began on Monday, fire officials said.

Fire crews worked in 100-plus-degree (38 Celsius) heat. "With the number of resources we have assigned to this incident, the number of utility companies that are actively engaged and the number of residents we are (repopulating, ) that number is going to increase tenfold".

The spread of the blaze and threat to properties as well as air quality concerns has led California's Governor Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency for both counties.

"Smoke from the western fires is making it all the way to the East Coast and beyond", the National Weather Service said in a tweet.

Forrest Gordon Clark, 51, had emailed the local volunteer fire chief to threaten "this place will burn", according to Orange County officials.

Footage of the arrest shows the suspect standing in handcuffs without a shirt on as his neighbors' homes burn. "Every single person in this canyon is afraid of him, No. 1, avoids him, No. 2, and knew he was going to do something insane".

Clark's arrest marks the second such detention in two weeks. Milligan called back and though the reception was poor in the canyon, he recognized Clark's voice, he said.

"The place is going to burn just like you planned", Clark later texted, according to Milligan. He's being held on $1 million bail.

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The 51-year-old Clark could face 10 years to life in prison.

Before his arrest, Clark told a reporter he had been asleep at the time and had nothing to with the fire.

But president also drew controversy when he Tweeted earlier this week that the state's environmental laws exacerbated the fires burning across the state. Twelve structures have been confirmed destroyed in the fire so far. "This shouldn't be called the Holy Jim Fire, this should be called the Holy Hell Fire".

Firefighters are working on strengthening containment barriers in order to prevent spreading to residences.

Officials also gained more control over two other major Northern California wildfires, including the largest in recorded state history.

The Complex fire is actually made up of two fires: the smaller River Fire, which has burned 48,920 acres, and the larger Ranch Fire, which has burned 255,482.

Firefighters with OCFA, USFS and the Cal Fire Riverside Fire Department are among the several agencies battling the blaze.

Near the Northern California city of Redding, the year's deadliest fire was almost half-surrounded and was burning into remote and rugged forest land.

Though it's exploded in size, more firefighters are fighting a fire near Redding that has killed six people and destroyed more than 1,000 homes and businesses.

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