Bachelorette Becca Kufrin on fiance Garrett Yrigoyen's racist, transphobic past

8 people who have never watched'The Bachelorette pick Becca's soulmate

8 people who have never watched'The Bachelorette pick Becca's soulmate

Early in the season, it was revealed that Garrett had "liked" some questionable memes on Instagram. But the Instagram brouhaha also had the effect of essentially spoiling the season: The amount of immediate blowback from those involved with the show, including a full interview with Becca on the topic and a carefully worded apology from Garrett, suggested he was the season's victor. As Becca tries to choose between stalwart Blake and Instagram xenophobe Garrett, host Chris Harrison veers from script and doesn't promise viewers the most dramatic finale ever, but the most emotional one.

"If I was considered to be the Bachelor, I definitely wouldn't take it for granted", he continued.

He then broke down, crying over the thought of Yrigoyen proposing to Kufrin. She then said that she's not ready to say goodbye to Yrigoyen. "You know, I'll just take the time now - some stuff came out about my social media".

In May, he used the platform to apologize for what he called "a mindless double tap on Instagram" after he deleted his old account. So I put out an apology. "I know what it feels like to feel this way, and I know the feeling where you question everything, and how could you be wrong, and you weren't wrong".

"I think if I were to go back a second time, it would be completely different and hopefully more worthwhile", she said. "We also want to see when we start talking to girls who will be in the potential cast, who they like". "We're growing, we're progressing".

Okay, Harrison, we'll give that one to you - that was pretty brutal.

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You've got a DVR?

'It's hard that first night because I'm really just trying to go off of my gut instinct and there were so many conversations and i had to make a lot of tough cuts.

It's important to note that there is a difference between being having anxiety in certain situations, like when you're on a reality dating show, and when you are actually suffering from an anxiety disorder. Or maybe they "got through it" with Kufrin saying, "Oh, I'm sure you didn't mean it", and Yrigoyen replying, "Yeah babe, no way!" and then they high-fived each other.

Well, according to the pro racing driver - who is still engaged to his The Bachelor runner-up, Lauren Burnham - he and Lauren expected to make an appearance in the final episode of Season 14. "She's helping me through everything, we've been honest, open and transparent with each other since the beginning". Its response was to reframe the entire scandal as an easily surmountable obstacle in the path of a nice romantic relationship. He showed up for the live after-show, and sat for an uncomfortable interview with Becca.

There's a cheesy montage of Becca and Garrett at the bow of the boat taking in the scenery. "But I just want to move forward and to learn and to grow and to continue to educate ourselves", Kufrin told the audience Monday night.

But The Bachelor franchise has alwaysbeenpolitical.

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