Atlanta Braves broadcaster Joe Simpson suggests Juan Soto might lie about age

Jefry Rodriguez delivered a solid start for the Nationals

Jefry Rodriguez delivered a solid start for the Nationals

But while that take was mostly just annoying, what Simpson said Tuesday afternoon was downright stupid and borderline offensive.

Braves TV analyst Joe Simpson has gone from questioning Dodgers players' professionalism to questioning whether Nationals rookie outfielder Juan Soto is still a teenager.

As you might expect, the comments didn't sit well with the Nationals, especially general manager Mike Rizzo, who confronted Simpson about his remarks after the game. "He is big and strong".

Rizzo told 106.7 The Fan Wednesday that the broadcaster also apologized.

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"He is. if he's 19, he has certainly got his man growth", Simpson said on Fox Sports South. "I handled it face to face, privately with him. I believe he understood my stance on his comments".

Simpson said things between he and Rizzo are fine and clarified his comments about Soto during the second game of the doubleheader.

Simpson was forced to issue a formal apology after an ill-advised rant about Utley on July 28 during a game between the Dodgers and the Braves. "Well, he is. He's bonafide 19".

Listen: Simpson hardly is the first person to question the age of a Latin American player. And he is a full-grown man. "They had no idea who any of them were", Simpson said. Soto, who now sports a.315 batting average with 14 home runs and 39 RBIs, became the first teenager in Major League Baseball history with a four-hit, two homer game against the Phillies on June 30. He is strong. And he is one heck of a player. "You might as well just write his name in on the Rookie of the Year award right now". And he is, without a doubt, 19 years old.

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