Apple Pulls Five InfoWars Podcasts From iTunes Over 'Hate Speech'

Apple remove podcasts by Infowars' notorious host Alex Jones

Apple remove podcasts by Infowars' notorious host Alex Jones

Apple removed five of the six Infowars programs from its listings, including "The Alex Jones Show" and "War Room".

On Monday, Apple announced it had removed hundreds of podcasts produced by InfoWars from its iTunes and podcast apps.

Without mentioning Jones by name, YouTube has released a statement explaining that "All users agree to comply with our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines when they sign up to use YouTube".

As of noon today, CNBC was reporting that the Infowars YouTube channel was still up, although the Alex Jones channels were down.

Jones is now being sued by the parents of Sandy Hook victims for claiming the 2012 mass school shooting was a hoax. "We take reports of hate content seriously and review any podcast episode or song that is flagged by our community", a Spotify spokesperson told EW in a statement Monday. Facebook said it had removed four pages belonging to InfoWars founder Alex Jones.

Youtube is just the latest media outlet to ban 'Infowars'. On Monday, Spotify also told PCMag it had banned Alex Jones from the platform over repeated violations relating to hate speech. She also accused Jones of groping her "butt" and exclaiming, "Who wouldn't want to have a black wife?"

Last week, music-streaming service Spotify removed some episodes of "The Alex Jones Show" podcast for breaching its hate content policy. It has suggested that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax, and that the September 11 terrorist attacks were an inside job orchestrated by the USA government.

Maduro ofrecerá pruebas de los autores del atentado — Jorge Arreaza
En tanto, la ministra vocera de Gobierno , Cecilia Pérez, también se refirió a los hechos ocurridos en Venezuela y condenó cualquier tipo de violencia.

Apple deleted most of his podcasts and a spokeswoman said that the company "does not tolerate hate speech" and publishes guidelines that developers and publishers must follow.

Jones had received a strike on his YouTube channel on July 24 after he posted four videos that violated the site's policies against child endangerment and hate speech, according to the story by The Verge.

Rather than some shadowy Illuminati figures orchestrating the whole shut down of Alex Jones, activists had actually been lobbying tech platforms to cut ties with Alex Jones and InfoWars.

Facebook said the posts had violated its hate speech policies.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said that although he is "no fan" of Jones, "Free speech includes views you disagree with". Only one InfoWars podcast, a news recap called "Real News with David Knight", remains available via the Apple podcast app.

In the wake of these bans, Jones quickly took to a live video stream, available at as well as on Twitter, to denounce the technology giants banning him from these platforms.

Jones has, naturally, fired off some text messages to WaPo, which he accuses of being "on the wrong side of history".

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