Yellow weather warning in place as 31 day hosepipe ban announced

Heatwave prompts hose ban in N.Ireland

Heatwave prompts hose ban in N.Ireland

In a further step created to help Severn Trent manage the water network, the council's parks team will avoid drawing any water during the peak morning and evening periods. Also banned is filling paddling pools, domestic ponds and fountains (with the exception of commercial entities).

Gardeners face fines of up to £1,000 if caught using a hosepipe, but the use of watering cans is still allowed.

"If we can all do our bit this will reduce the risk of lower water pressure or no water at all". You can still water your garden using a good old fashioned watering can.

Gannon also expressed her gratitude to the public: "We are really grateful for the measures that people have taken to conserve water so far and we hope that placing a Water Conservation Order will make people more mindful of their responsibilities and the impact their water usage is having on their neighbours and communities".

How can I reduce my water usage during a ban?

Southern Water, which supplies water to parts of Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, said it was asking customers to help "keep taps flowing across our region".

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This compares with average temperatures for the time of year of 17C (62.6F) in the north and 21C (69.8F) in the south, senior forecaster Marco Petagna said.

In the Republic of Ireland, Irish Water has announced a ban on the use of hosepipes in the greater Dublin area from 2 July.

"The Giant's Causeway was 26.7C".

Helen Apps of United Utilities explained how a hosepipe ban can occur.

The hot weather has put farmers on high alert for the outbreak of wildfires, with the Ulster Farmers' Union warning that "any ignition, like a cigarette butt or disposable barbecue, could result in an unpredictable fire".

In some areas gritters - a sight more usually associated with winter - have been deployed, spreading crushed rock dust on to melting roads to create a non-stick layer between the surface and vehicles. The weather has been dry since late February this year with Met Éireann reporting that the level of rain that has fallen is on par with 1976 when a major drought was in place.

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