Woman on oxygen machine dies after power company cuts off electricity

Ailing Woman On Oxygen Tank Dies When Electric Company Cuts Off Power In Her Home

Ailing Woman On Oxygen Tank Dies When Electric Company Cuts Off Power In Her Home

The company, Public Service Electric and Gas Co., had cut off power to her home that morning because of overdue bills.

When the power went out, so did her electricity-powered oxygen tank, which she needed to be able to breathe.

Another woman in NY lost three children after a candle she used to light her home after losing power started a fire, and a man in MI died of hypothermia after his power was shut off. Her nurses sent the company another letter in April, when Daniels started using an oxygen tank, she said.

The family used a smaller reserve, and when that was empty, they called EMS.

The temperature where the Daniels lived in Newark, New Jersey reached into the 90s that day, according to local weather reports.

In the hours between, family members rushed to cool down the failing patient.

Desiree said she applied ice packs to her mother's sides and was fanning her throughout the day. "But we couldn't pump the oxygen". The power had been shut off because Linda had fallen behind on payments. Since May, the account owed around $1,800, according to ABC 7. There was a delinquent balance on their account, but they were trying to pay it down.

In addition to a son and daughter, Linda Daniels leaves behind five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren, her family said.

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The power to the home has been restored, but the grieving family doesn't understand why the utility company cut off electricity to the house.

Daniels' family, however, argues that they did register her medical equipment with the utility company. "We have a large family and everyone in our family was calling".

'She suffered and she passed right in front of us. "They cut the power off on what had to be the hottest day of the summer". A utility also "may not shut-off residential service" if a "valid medical emergency exists" in the household. The family denied this, however, saying they, along with hospice care workers, notified the company in writing about their loved one's health issues.

"We are reviewing our records to determine what transpired", Namiotka told NJ.com. "We encourage customers who have medical issues to contact us so that we can note their circumstances on their accounts". Power was eventually returned to the home Friday. "They told us they would be rolling a truck".

'And she's a senior. "And there are a lot of people like her".

'PSEG said "Oh, we're on our way", kept telling us that, but no one showed up'. He did not give further details.

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