They're Coming Home: England's Dream Is Over

They're Coming Home: England's Dream Is Over

They're Coming Home: England's Dream Is Over

These are among the most popular words used to describe teams in this summer's tournament, according to research by Cambridge University Press.

"I want to say to English fans: "Guys, get it together, come to Russian Federation and support your national team because they have got into the semi-final", Lopyreva said.

The Daily Telegraph said losing to Germany was "England's worst World Cup defeat".

Currently Lukaku is on four goals, two behind current leader and favourite, Harry Kane, who he will likely face on Saturday.

Be gutted tonight but realise how awesome our team of players have done!

But it wasn't meant to be as they failed to find the net against France and ultimately felt short of their target to win the tournament - given the golden generation of players they now have.

It probably seems like a while ago now, but remember the first match England played against Tunisia? "All wrong tonight. When they come up against a decent team, I think it's inevitable that they were going to struggle tonight", Souness lamented.

Wimbledon: en un partidazo, Del Potro no pudo con Nadal
Sin embargo, el argentino no querrá dejar escapar la ocasión de plantarse en semifinales de Wimbledon , su techo desde 2013. Sólo con esas credenciales se adivina un partido complicado para Rafael Nadal mañana en los cuartos de Wimbledon .

"Put a line through the Belgium game, that doesn't count".

Southgate said playing regularly in big matches was a key stage of development for his players and that the way they dropped away in the second half was perhaps a result of their inexperience.

England had only ever played there once (a 2-1 defeat to Russian Federation back in 2007), and it seems like the curse / losing streak is destined to continue for the time being.

Although football did not come home in the shape of the World Cup trophy after all, Gareth Southgate's team won widespread praise for their exploits on the field and their charm offensive off the pitch.

"It's a huge step forward and they'll only get better in the future", he tweeted.

Both of his goals came from set-plays, and given he is averaging 0.29 xG per 90 minutes, he can be expected to get at least one chance in this game.

"Prior to tonight, he had five shots on target in all the games".

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