The pain is great, says Neymar after SWC exit

France beat Uruguay 2-0

France beat Uruguay 2-0

Romelu Lukaku is the most unsafe player in the two teams according to xG, averaging 0.68 non-penalty xG so far at this World Cup. They are one of those teams which have evolved as the tournament progressed and have learnt from their mistakes especially after the Japan game, where they had to come back from a two-goal deficit.

Well, it is not that improbable.

A day after scoring his first goal of the World Cup, France defender Raphael Varane has turned his thoughts to how his team can stifle Belgium's potent attack when the sides meet in Tuesday's semi-final in St Petersburg.

Ah well, there's always World Cup 2022, fellas. A typically sumptuous strike proved decisive from the Manchester City star, who was the best player in Pep Guardiola's record-breaking side last season. But given how these squads have played, they are more than deserving of the opportunity at hand.

World Cup games can be defined by the quality of the play, the drama or what is at stake. So there is no clear favourite in the 2nd semi-final as well.

What's more, the wide-open remaining field in Russian Federation features players who, if they perform decisively in a winning cause, will have demonstrably better Ballon d'Or credentials than Neymar and push the big two harder than they have been at any stage over the past decade.

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Belgium are just the ninth team in World Cup history to win* five successive matches in a single World Cup tournament, though the feat has been achieved 11 times.

So what are the odds that can happen?

"Unfortunately our dream has been postponed, and it is very painful for all of us that after so much work and dedication on the part of each player, technical commission, and staff, there is huge pain", he wrote.

Having said that, he may well have got some eggs and stones pelted at him judging by footage of some fans giving the official team bus a different kind of welcome.

This World Cup also spelled the beginning of the end of the Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo era.

'In general and physical terms, the team flew.

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