Over 30 tonnes of plastic rolls on to regional beach

Playa Montesinos a wave of plastics invaded Playa Montesinos

Playa Montesinos a wave of plastics invaded Playa Montesinos

OK, so it's not exactly what you think of when you imagine a tropical paradise.

This week, astounding images surfaced of trash as far as the eye could see on the beaches of Santo Domingo.

"Parley for the Oceans" shared video which has gone viral, showing waves of trash in the water on the Malecon area of Santo Domingo.

The Dominican Republic has drafted in 500 workers, including the military and local authority teams, to clean up tons of plastic waste being washed up on its beaches.

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Parley said it is transforming the collected marine plastic into recycled consumer products as a way to bring focus to their cause of reducing plastic waste.

"Seeing this firsthand is absolutely shocking, but what's worse is that this is not news in Santo Domingo", explained Carmen Danae Chamorro in a statement for Parley.

"This situation happens every time it rains heavily, so that's why it is important to shine a light on what has been ignored". Back in March, footage of a diver swimming in Bali went viral as it showed an ocean infested with plastic waste, and previous year a shocking series of photos showed the Caribbean seas covered in a layer of garbage. "Unless we all act now, future generations won't even believe the postcard scenes ever existed".

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