Obama, in Rebuke to Trump, Warns That ‘Strongman Politics Are Ascendant’

Where you can watch Obama’s Nelson Mandela lecture online

Where you can watch Obama’s Nelson Mandela lecture online

He examined the world over the last hundred years, starting at Mandela's birth in Qunu in the Eastern Cape during the end of one of the world's greatest wars.

Obama is due to leave South Africa on Thursday. Mandela won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.

More than 16 000 people attended the 16th Nelson Mandela annual lecture.

These days "we see much of the world threatening to return to a more risky, more brutal way of business", Obama said.

Obama's speech to a cheering crowd of thousands in South Africa countered many of Trump's policies, rallying people around the world to keep alive the ideas that Mandela worked for including democracy, diversity and tolerance.

But it was clear his lecture to mark the 100th birthday of former South African president Nelson Mandela was aimed at encouraging the world to adopt the philosophies of the late anti-apartheid leader and not some of the "strongmen" heads of state.

"We see our brothers and sisters trying to seek a better life in the states, and we know that America was built on the backs of black people and they don't get the recognition". "The previous structures of injustice and exploitation never really went away", he said. To conclude the celebrations, there will be a family day on Saturday organised by the Rotary Club of Kampala at Kaazi camping grounds to fundraise for their education projects.

"In the unusual and uncertain times that we are in - and they are odd, and they are uncertain, with each day's news cycles bringing more head-spinning and disturbing headlines - I thought maybe it would be useful to step back for a moment and try to get some perspective, so I hope you'll indulge me".

"It's not wrong to insists national borders matter", Obama said.

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Obama was joined on stage by President Cyril Ramaphosa who also received a standing ovation and cheers from the crowd, Mandela's widow Graça Machel and businessman Patrice Motsepe.

Former U.S. president Barack Obama, in an impassioned return to the global stage, has warned that the world is sliding into a brutal and unsafe new era of "strongman politics" where autocrats are exploiting fear to subvert democracy.

Obama also lamented that "the free press is under attack" at a time when Trump routinely complains about his coverage by "the fake news".

Barack Obama chats to businessman Patrice Motsepe. I can't find common ground if someone says climate change is just not happening when nearly all the world's scientists say it is.

While South Africans, both at home and overseas, are marking the centenary of late President Nelson Mandela's birth through various activities and events, government is holding an official celebration in Mvezu, near Mthatha, Eastern Cape.

In his speech Obama tracked the enormous social and democratic progress the world has made in the 100 years between Mandela's 1918 birth and 2018. Mandela died in 2013 after a long illness.

Footage from the plant shows workers dancing and singing in celebration as they work on the auto, which was presented to Mandela on 22 July 1990 by company worker Philip Groom at the Sisa Dukashe stadium in Mdantsane.

Meghan, duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry, duke of Sussex stand with Andrew Mlangeni, held alongside Nelson Mandela during the Rivonia Trial, as they are shown a Shakespeare book favoured by prisoners on Robben Island during a visit the Nelson Mandela Centenary Exhibition.

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