Friday to kick off first heat wave of 2018 — Heat Wave

Heat to take hold and not let go Dangerous combination of heat and humidity this weekend

Heat to take hold and not let go Dangerous combination of heat and humidity this weekend

If you must be outside during the late-morning/afternoon, stay out of the sun as much as possible, seek shade and drink plenty of water.

There is again the hope of scattered rain and storms to help knock down temperatures a bit. Brickman reported that in Beltrami County there were reports of extensive tree damage, and an airplane overturned onto the middle of Highway 72.

Persistent high pressure should keep afternoon temps near 90-degrees each day with just a slight adjustment coming tho the humidity behinds a wind shift early Monday.

Of course, the big weather story is the upcoming heat and humidity, which we haven't seen a lot of so far this summer.

According to, the temperature could feel as though is 104 degrees by 3 p.m. on Sunday.

Should the hot weather continue, the City of Toronto could also issue an extended heat warning, which would trigger extended hours at public swimming pools. Throw open your windows as skies clear and the mercury dips to 17 C overnight. But, it looks like the city may come close to breaking that mark as a brutal heat wave descends on the region. The National Weather Service has tips on what to do to stay safe when the mercury rises. It's already in effect, and doesn't expire until midnight on Sunday, July 1. Those two factors combined will make for uncomfortable sleeping weather.

La AFIP va a investigar a los argentinos que viajaron al Mundial
Se calcula que viajar a ver el Mundial pudo haber costado entre US$ 8000 y 30.000 dólares. Al mismo tiempo, se realizaron consultas con la Receita Federal, su par brasileño.

Chicago residents can call 311 for information about the city's cooling centers or to request a well-being check for elderly friends or relatives.

He said despite the high temperatures, the humidity will not be terrible.

Evanego said Saturday will be sunny, "hot and humid (with) highs in the mid-90s". As quick as these storms came in, they moved out and the clearing began.

A cold front passes through Mid-Michigan Sunday night into Monday.

A dangerous heat wave will have more than half of the country sweltering over the Fourth of July holiday. "It will be warm and humid with a high into the upper 80s", he said.

TODAY - Partly Cloudy, Hit and Miss Thunderstorms.

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