Passengers evacuate Delta Airlines jet after landing in Denver



The Denver International Airport said smoke in the cabin on a Delta flight from Detroit to Denver prompted an evacuation onto the tarmac Tuesday night. Passengers said the landing was fine, and then there was smoke in the cabin.

Delta released a statement that said passengers on Delta flight 1854 from Detroit to Denver had to get off the plane on slides and over the wing. One person was transferred to the UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital, the Post reported, citing an airport spokesperson. It landed at about 8:10 p.m.

Pictures from passengers showed them standing near the plane along with emergency equipment.

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AJ Davidson, who said he was on the plane, told 9NEWS as soon as the plane landed it began to fill with smoke.

She says no main accidents had been reported from smoke inhalation, however she has heard {that a} handful of passengers suffered minor accidents through the evacuation. We are making phone calls to Denver International Airport and Delta to find out more about what happened.

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