Android Studio is coming to Chromebooks

For the longest time, developers have taken Chrome OS machines and run tools like Crouton to turn them into Linux-based developer machines. But things are getting easier. That's because Google is going to start shipping Chrome OS with a custom virtual machine that runs Debian Stretch, the current stable version of the operating system. We can't wait to see where Google goes with this, as it makes our Chromebooks (or Pixelbooks, for now) so much more useful. That way, the people actually using the Chromebook don't miss out on those security features and get to play with a version of Linux that can directly integrate into the Chrome OS desktop. Or build your Android app in Android Studio and test it right on your laptop, thanks to the built-in support for Android apps that came to Chrome OS past year.

Just before I/O 2018, Chrome OS gained support for Linux apps in the experimental Canary channel. There is also Google Cloud integration from the command line.

Support for Linux will enable you to create, test and run Android and web app for phones, tablets and laptops all on one Chromebook.

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Linux apps will run inside of a sandbox, so ChromeOS will be just as secure as it always has been.

Now, it's probably only a matter of hours before somebody starts running Windows apps in Chrome OS with the help of the Wine emulator.

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