Two killed, five wounded in Quetta Church attack

Pakistan       by Dawood Rehman | Published

Pakistan by Dawood Rehman | Published

Pakistani police say gunmen opened fire on worshippers coming out of a church in the southwestern city of Quetta, killing several people and wounding five others.

The churchgoers were on their way home when two men on a motorcycle began shooting at them, local police official Ataullah Shah said.

The injured people were taken to Bolan Medical Complex, Quetta for treatment.

Television pictures showed members of Quetta's Christian community burning vehicle and bicycle tyres while protesting the shooting.

Two people succumbed to their injuries in the hospital.

Two killed, five wounded in Quetta Church attack

The local police authorities started a probe into the matter.

After the attack, the community members with dead bodies staged a protest demonstration and blocked roads disrupting traffic, alleging government's "failure" to end attacks on Christians, according to the report.

A woman and a girl among five people of Christian community were injured in the attack.

Militant groups linked to the Taliban, al Qaeda, and Daesh have been involved in various cases of violence in Balochistan, with Daesh having created branches in Pakistan and Afghanistan in recent years mostly by recruiting among established militants. Islamic State claimed both attacks.

IS also claimed responsibility for a suicide attack on a packed church in Quetta last December in which nine worshipers were killed, and dozens more were wounded.

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