Toronto Raptors: 3 takeaways from Game 1 vs. Wizards

Toronto Raptors: 3 takeaways from Game 1 vs. Wizards

Toronto Raptors: 3 takeaways from Game 1 vs. Wizards

Toronto did prevail, a large sigh of relief was heard, and tonight the Raptors try to make it 2 in a row to launch their series with the Wizards and leave the curse of Game 1 far behind them. Defensively, the Wizards are yielding 106.0 points per game. "Just making sure that I am constantly moving, making them exhausted, especially when they put Kyle [Lowry] on me, just tire him out as much as possible". The point guard, playing in just his fifth game since returning from knee surgery at the end of March, went to the line more than anyone else in the game.

"I was", he said.

In fairness, the Raptors missed the playoffs 9 times in that stretch so they never had a chance to win, or lose, an opening game.

"If you look at the front", Wall said Monday, "I was fat". Just like the Last Two Minute Report, I rather you not tell me about [fouls that were missed].

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John Wall was utterly frustrated after a Game 1 defeat at the hands of the Toronto Raptors, one in which he shot a ghastly 6-of-20 from the floor, despite leading his team with a gaudy 23 points and 15 assists.

Sounds like Wall isn't going to thrown in the towel that easily. The only time I say I really didn't get fouled was the one time in transition when Kyle jumped [to challenge], and I said that was great defensive play - that wasn't a foul there.

"I watched the game yesterday, a ref had reffed our game and was calling so much ticky-tack", said Wall.

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