TIO complaint numbers 'show telcos need to step up their game'

Carl De Souza AFP Getty Images

Carl De Souza AFP Getty Images

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman received 22,827 complaints related to services delivered over the National Broadband Network in the second half of 2017, figures released today reveal.

"The changes mean our data will more accurately reflect the description of complaints given by residential consumers and small businesses".

It said the 31% share of complaints involving more than one service type indicated that the telecommunications landscape was very complex and that often issues could not be attributed to a single cause, complicating the process of resolution.

"If this trend continues, up to 52,200 additional Australian women will be self-employed by the end of the roll-out due to the "NBN effect".

While these changes aren't reflected in this six-month update, they could show a reduction in complaint numbers in the coming months, Ms Jones said.

"With "provider response" being the top issue raised by customers who complain in relation to a service delivered over the NBN, our industry will be working to improve the end-to-end experience, including through improved assistance between providers in the supply chain to resolve complaints", Gillespie-Jones said. "Recent changes to regulation and an increase in our powers to resolve complaints are positive steps that will help improve the consumer experience".

But unresolved issues with phone and internet services increased "across the board" in Australia, she said, with consumers and small businesses lodging nearly 20,000 more complaints between July and December 2017 than they did the year before.

The top complaints issues were charges and fees, at 38,594 complaints; provider response, at 36,563; poor service quality, at 18,936; connection/changing provider, at 13,844; no service, at 12,831; debt management, at 9,257; making a contract, at 7,003; in contract, at 5,628; equipment, at 2,957; and payments, at 2,398 complaints.

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Complaints were predominantly from residential consumers at 74,729 complaints, or 88 percent of the total.

"The number of complaints is still concerning", she said.

Separated out into the five new service type categories, multiple services received the highest number of complaints, at 26,112, followed by mobile phone services, at 24,923; internet services, at 23,785; landline phone services, at 9,447; and access or damage to property, at 647 complaints.

Complaints increased across all states and territories with Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia recording particularly high increases of over 30 per cent compared to the same period in 2016.

And there has been a huge cut in average congestion, down to 18 minutes per week compared to almost 7 hours per week in March 2017.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is now consulting on the introduction of new complaints-handling rules for telcos that offer services over the NBN.

He said three months ago, NBN Co had less than one in 15 users connected to its wholesale 50Mbps plans, but now, more than one in four are signed-up to these services.

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