Maryland representatives Cummings, Harris weigh in on USA missile attack in Syria

Haley said the message from the us, United Kingdom and French airstrikes overnight that "crippled Syria's chemical weapons program" was "crystal clear".

Juncker says the world "has the responsibility to identify and hold accountable those responsible" for that kind of attack. Syria and Russian Federation have denied any involvement in the alleged attack, and Syria has repeatedly denied using chemical weapons.

Like Trump a few minutes earlier, May stressed that the aims of the intervention were limited to stopping chemical weapons use, for humanitarian reasons, and to uphold the worldwide norm outlawing chemical weapon use. The Pentagon said it would provide a more detailed assessment on Saturday morning. "They were the result of the Syrian regime's barbaric inhumanity".

There was no Russian interference in the airstrikes and USA officials have put a firm emphasis on the deconfliction process between the Kremlin and Washington which involves open channels of communication over each country's plan in Syria in order to avoid conflict.

The United States, Britain and France attacked sites across Syria in response to a suspected poison gas attack a week ago, but the Syrian government, backed by Russian Federation, denies using - or possessing - any such weapons.

Residents in Damascus were caught off guard by the strikes, independent reporter Danny Makki told NPR, speaking from Damascus.

"When it comes to this use of chemical weapons, it is clear to Canada that chemical weapons were used and that they were used by the Assad regime", Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said Friday. And finally, it's unclear if the United States will bomb Syria again if Assad's forces use chemical weapons once more.

She insisted the action against Bashar Assad's regime was a limited and targeted strike to degrade and deter the Syrian government and was not about regime change. "However, we used a little over double the number of weapons this year than we used last year".

Cumbre de las Américas arranca sin Trump, Castro ni Maduro
Ante una pregunta sobre la presencia cubana en Lima mientras el gobierno bolivariano quedaba excluido, el diplomático de la Mayor de las Antillas dijo que "la solidaridad de Cuba con Venezuela no está en discusión".

"Based on recent experience, we fully expect a significant disinformation campaign over the coming days by those who have aligned themselves with the Assad regime", said Mattis, adding that White and Lieutenant General Kenneth F. McKenzie would speak "in effort to maintain transparency and accuracy".

"All together, 103 cruise missiles were deployed", senior military officer Sergei Rudskoi said at a briefing in Moscow.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation chief Jens Stoltenberg says Russia's obstruction course at the U.N. Security Council left NATO's U.S, British and French allies no option but to launch a missile attack on key Syrian installations. This has raised fears of a possible direct clash of USA and Russian forces.

"The aggression is a flagrant violation of global law, a breach of the worldwide community´s will, and it is doomed to fail", said state news agency SANA.

Since the US, UK and France pummeled three targets on Friday night, Russian troll activity has surged by 2,000 percent, according to the Pentagon.

In his address to the American people, Trump singled out Iran and Russian Federation for supporting the Syrian regime and partially blamed the countries for the chemical attack.

- US President Donald Trump condemned Syria's two main allies, Russian Federation and Iran, for supporting "murderous dictators".

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