Korean Air suspends executive over 'water rage' at meeting

Korean Air suspends executive over 'water rage' at meeting

Korean Air suspends executive over 'water rage' at meeting

South Korea's flagship air carrier Korean Air has suspended Cho Hyun-min, a company executive and daughter of the firm's chairman, over allegations that she yelled and threw water at a manager of a marketing firm.

In 2014, her older sister Cho Hyun-ah, or Heather Cho, made headlines for angrily complaining about the way nuts were served in first class before her flight left NY.

[THE INVESTOR]Korean Air on April 16 said it would take "appropriate action" after the police conclude an internal probe to decide whether they should open a full-fledged investigation.

Korean Air said Cho, a senior vice-president, was suspended from work starting on Monday. She later apologized on Facebook, saying the outburst was sparked by her passion for commercials.

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Returning home from a trip on Sunday, Cho Hyun-min told reporters at Incheon Airport that she was sorry for her foolish behavior. "It is my big fault that I could not control my emotions".

The police investigation will determine whether Cho threw the water on the floor, as Korean Air maintains, or toward the ad agency official's face, as some media report, which could constitute physical assault. Members of the founding families of giant business groups called chaebol, often including the second or third generations, are treated as "emperors".

A sister of the Korean Air "nut rage" heiress has apologised after another controversy enveloped the family.

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