Ketamine can Mitigate Major Depression and Suicidal Thoughts



Researchers from the Yale University and Janssen Pharmaceutica conducted the experimental research on antidepressant esketamine, which shows that it can be more effectual to overcome the lengthy treatment with conventional antidepressants that lasts for a number of weeks longer for being completely effective.

Ketamine provides rapid care over depression as well as major suicidal thoughts, as the new online review indicates which has been disclosed in The American Journal of Psychiatry (AJP).

It is being legally used in the field of medicine for starting and maintaining anesthesia but in the recent years, it has been subjected to studies for other potential uses.

The study compared the traditional treatment added with an intranasal formulation of esketamine, to traditional treatment included with a placebo for rapid treatment of symptoms of major depression as well as suicidality.

In previous research, intranasal esketamine administered along with usual antidepressants rapidly improved depression symptoms in patients with treatment-resistant depression. Researchers, including those from Janssen Research and Development, found a significant improvement in depression scores and decreased suicidal ideation in the esketamine group compared to the placebo group at four hours and at 24 hours. The researchers looked at effects at four hours after first treatment, at 24 hours and at 25 days.

Ketamine can mitigate major depression and suicidal thoughts, according to a USA study.

The rapidity of the ketamine treatment is of particular interest as most antidepressants take more than a month to become fully effective.

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Recorded side effects include dizziness, dissociation, unpleasant taste, and headache. Further research is needed before the drug can be approved for use in the US. They see it as depression treatment that can be applied intravenously.

Dr Robert Freedman, editor at American Journal of Psychiatry said in a statement that, "Protection of the public's health is part of our responsibility as well, and, as physicians, we are responsible for preventing new drug epidemics".

Ketamine is a known painkiller.

New use for ketamine has been discovered after breakthrough study.

It is also identified as a party drug.

Ketamine gained its negative reputation when it became a popular street drug that offers a trancelike, hallucinatory high effect. Sedation through Ketamine is referred by recreational drug users as K-hole.

A single dose of one to two milligrams of Ketamine per kilogram of body weight produces an intense experience lasting about an hour.

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