Google working on expiring emails for Gmail: Report

Glowing Gmail icon

Glowing Gmail icon

It seems that not only the design will change as Gmail is set to bring in a very important surprising new feature which was added by Google, and it was discovered shortly before the official release.

So, if you send or receive messages to your Gmail inbox in "confidential mode", they will self-destruct (i.e. you can't copy, download or print them) upon the scheduled expiration date.

For humans, it often takes years to develop the skill of picking out a voice among crowds. You can ask it anything and everything, whether it is some work-related detail, or information on the ingredient list for a specific recipe, or the top appointments from your daily schedule. The compact view is the most similar to the existing Gmail design, allowing existing users to keep a similar layout. This will be especially useful for sending confidential emails or emails that you feel should be read and deleted for privacy purposes.

Google's entry is expected to intensify the already heated competition in the country. Grouping all Google Home devices (with Chromecast Audio, Chromecast built-in and Bluetooth speakers) in the house, you can enjoy the same music in every room. The message behind the link disappears after some time, but this doesn't mean that the intermediate email also disappears.

How do you control when recipients' emails self-destruct?

The iHome Wi-Fi Outdoor Smart Plug allows you to connect any device to it and control that product with your voice.

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Ellis says she hopes her efforts will help make the tech industry more equitable.

Google offers a compelling option for turning your dumb TV into a smart one quickly and cheaply.

The National Radio Research Agency approved the Google Home and the Google Home Mini AI speakers earlier this month, according to the sources. It is a circular speaker that can project 360-degree sound.

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In conclusion, the new surprising Gmail feature, Confidential Mode, will permit users to encrypt their sensitive emails so they won't be accessed by third-parties.

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