Did The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale Introduce a New Villain?

Negan in The Walking Dead season 8 finale

Negan in The Walking Dead season 8 finale

As he and Eugene headed off to whup Rick's ass, Negan "confessed" to his prisoner, Father Gabriel, that he had sacrificed some of his own people to set a trap for Rick. Gabriel opens the vehicle door and jumps out. I guess this was supposed to convince us what a badass Savior Eugene now was since he pointed a gun in Gabriel's face and threatened to "crack your cranium".

In "Wrath", Negan's plan to ambush Rick's ambush seemed to be working perfectly as Rick's team was surrounded by gun-toting Saviors. Except when Rick et al got to that spot expecting to ambush Negan they heard his familiar whistle seemingly coming from all sides. What that means for the character is unknown, but Negan, despite Morgan's appeal as an actor and a recent rebound for the character, hasn't worked as a big baddie.

Rick tells the rest of the Saviors that they can put their hands down. After Eugene tells Negan that his bullets are good, he tells Negan he'll ride along to the battle too. Negan had run away after getting punched by both Gabriel and Dwight. They will think they are on the right track but when they show up to get Negan, he won't be there.

There wasn't any fighting to speak of at Hilltop either, where another group of Saviors had been dispatched. Negan tells the other Saviors to load him up. More fire balls come, and Tara sees that it's Aaron with the women of Oceanside. He tells Rick that maybe if he had killed him, Carl would still be alive. In the comics, the Whisperers take over as the main antagonists shortly after Rick cuts Negan's throat and take him prisoner - which is how their conflict concluded in the finale. For a minute it looked like the show had departed from the comics in a major way by killing off Negan, but then Rick finally made a decision to honor Carl's dying wishes and ordered Negan be saved. They had a little shuffle and Negan got the upper hand for a while, just long enough to blame Rick again for Carl's death. "We are worse than we were", Morgan told him. Negan fell for it. That would be a new direction for the long-running hit, but probably not what Carl wanted for his survivor family.

Maggie could get killed off while trying to avenge her husband Glenn's death in the AMC show. "Look at what you did", Negan gurgled. "Carl didn't know a damn thing", croaked a bleeding Negan. She also believes Michonne was wrong for holding her back. "It's not over until he's dead". The communities are going to find a new way to live together. Instead Rick and Michonne concocted a plan to let Negan rot in a cell as "evidence that we're making a civilization".

Morgan gave his Kingdom armor to Carol to give to Henry, saying to tell him he'd be alright.

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Morgan is still freaking out and seeing things, so Rick suggests that he hang back.

But when the Saviors prepared to start killing, all of the bullets backfired and killed them. He tells Morgan that he doesn't have to kill everyone to save his friends. I really think that Rick has the right idea on building the future.

Morgan went to see Jadis and invite her to go live with Rick, which she happily agreed to.

Except when it's not, since Morgan himself doesn't want to be around people anymore.

Daryl took Dwight out into the woods.

Dwight ends up leaving to go after Sherry, after being driven out by Daryl and being told never to come back. So I guess Dwight will be just fine. There is no going back, he tells Rick. But Rick may have more pressing problems closer to home. So she and Daryl are going to bide their time, and wait for the right moment, and then show Rick and Michonne that they were wrong.

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