Boris Johnson warns of Russian cyberthreat

Boris Johnson warns of Russian cyberthreat

Boris Johnson warns of Russian cyberthreat

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson on April 15 said that his government took the decision.

Johnson said on Sunday to CNN that Britain had to move quickly on Syria, ruling out parliamentary approval.

"I'm afraid the Syrian war will go on in its disgusting, miserable way".

Lithuania's foreign minister, Linas Antanas Linkevicius, said today: "Not everyone is capable to take part in the air strikes, but it's important to support [them]". And I think one of the most distressing things about the events of the last few years has been the contemptuous growth in the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian theatre of conflict...

It came in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack on the rebel-held city of Douma a week earlier which claimed the lives of 75 people, including young children.

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"Finally the world has said enough is enough", he said.

Last night the UN Security Council has rejected a resolution tabled by Russian Federation calling for condemnation of the "aggression" by the United States and its allies against Syria.

Negotiations on the proposals are due to start on Monday, a day after a delegation from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons were due to arrive in Douma.

The head of the United Kingdom foreign policy justified Monday the last week's missile launches, adding though that the attacks weren't aimed at removing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

He also did not rule out further attacks against Syria if the Assad regime continued the alleged use of chemical weapons.

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