Based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken quits Japan

Based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken quits Japan

Based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken quits Japan

Kraken explains in the statement that it will end operations in Japan around the end of June 2018. Investors in Japan will no longer be able to use San Fransisco-based Kraken's cryptocurrency services.

The exchange will contact its Japanese clients with exact dates as soon as they are known.

As per the statement emailed by Kraken, traders will be able to deposit till mid-May, trade till mid-June and withdraw till late-June.

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"We deeply regret suspending this long-standing relationship and hope to resume services for Japan residents in the future". However, at the present time, it is impractical to continue service for Japan residents. The decision involved careful consideration of revenue against the costs and resources required to maintain service.

The move will impact only residents of Japan and not Japanese citizens or businesses based out of the country, Bloomberg reported. "After we have had a chance to better catch up to our rapid growth, we will consider the possibility of resuming service for Japan residents". The country's Financial Services Agency has been conducting inspections of venues amid a broader effort to bolster security. Given the interest in Japan, Kraken's decision is set to affect both the exchange and its customers residing in Japan. Although Kraken has given growing costs as the primary reason for its exit from the Japanese crypto trading turf, the FSA's pressure surely must have played some role, however big or small.

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