19-year-old impersonator who posed as AIIMS doctor for months arrested

19-year-old impersonator who posed as AIIMS doctor for months arrested

19-year-old impersonator who posed as AIIMS doctor for months arrested

According to police, Khurram managed to get his hands on a notebook which is used by junior doctors.

It was later revealed that Adnan Khurram, the "fake" doctor, hails from Bihar and is from Baradi Bairiya village in Champaran district. Owing to such a large number of doctors, it's also not possible to know everyone personally, he added.

During a marathon organized by the doctors, some of the doctors got suspicious about Khurram and started questioning him about his identity. "Also, she will not be guiding any student for the next three years", said an AIIMS doctor and member of the committee. RDA president Harjit Singh said that he had grown suspicious of Khurram as he always found him loitering around in the campus and hence made a decision to keep a watch on him. The report also quoted Dr Abhishek Singh, who is the vice-president of the Resident Doctors' Association saying that the impersonator had used the name and clout of Resident Doctors Association and attended political and medical conferences.

The police said Khurram had no criminal record. When he could not give a satisfactory reply, they called the police.

But all his claims fell flat after the doctors found him participating in a marathon organised by the doctors on Saturday.

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Once caught, it turned out that the imposter is not an AIIMS doctor and not even a medical student elsewhere. During investigation, it was found that Khurram had uploaded many photographs wearing a doctor's coat and stethoscope on social media. "He had even made his way to the WhatsApp groups", said RDA president Harjit Singh.

But he has been charged under IPC Sections 419 (impersonation) and 468 (forgery for goal of cheating).

There are 2,000 resident doctors at AIIMS, so it's hard to know everyone.

Apparently, it seems like it has become easy for people to impersonate as doctors especially at AIIMS since this is not the first fraudulent case that has come up from the apex hospital. "In the meantime, the accused managed to get hold of a 15-page notebook with a cover of the hospital - carried by junior doctors".

In February this year, an institutional FIR was lodged by AIIMS after a fake doctor was noticed at the main surgical emergency pretending to be a faculty of the Trauma Centre Orthopedics Department.

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