Suhana Khan gears up to enter Bollywood; shoots for a magazine

Hello Hall of Fame Awards Shah Rukh-Gauri Deepika Ranveer grace red carpet

Hello Hall of Fame Awards Shah Rukh-Gauri Deepika Ranveer grace red carpet

That would also be her first step to a big Bollywood career. So what if Khan's daughter Suhana Khan is not ready to make her debut in bollywood. After making confident appearances at star events and parties, the 17-year-old seems to have landed a once in a lifetime opportunity.

And while everyone's waiting for Suhana to take over the silver screen just like father SRK, her mother Gauri Khan has finally spilled beans about her debut project. "Suhana will be shooting for a magazine, I don't want to reveal the name, and that's the most exciting thing I am looking forward to", an excited Gauri told reporters when asked what she was most excited about, at the recently held award function.

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Looking forward to entering her daddy's shoes and become a successful actress, Suhana possesses features of a goddess. She's extremely good on stage, I've seen her performances.

Over the past years, Suhana has garnered many followers on social media, that too without trying. Having a second sculpted figure truly marks his ultimate popularity and love of his fans for him especially towards the famous signature pose, which is a classic romantic pose in the Indian film industry. The young star kid is now schooling in London and will soon begin preparations for a magazine shoot. But my point is simple - you need to complete your education before doing anything.

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