Rosie Perez Stops By To Talk About NBC's "Rise"

NBC’s ‘Rise’ hits high notes in melodrama high school musical theater

NBC’s ‘Rise’ hits high notes in melodrama high school musical theater

Congratulations to Hamtramck High School for being part of NBC's R.I.S.E. America, a program that granted a half-million dollars to high school theaters across the country. Katims' career launched after My So-Called Life producer Ed Zwick saw his short play at Actors Theatre of Louisville; Radnor started acting in a public high school drama department, as did several of his co-stars, including Shirley Rumierk, Amy Forsyth, Damon J. Gillespie, Shannon Purser, and Ted Sutherland.

"Rise" premieres Tuesday, March 13 at 10 p.m. on Local 4, following "This Is Us." .

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Think "Friday Night Lights" meets "Glee".

"The Flash", 8 p.m. (KSTW): Team Flash confronts a meta who has the ability to swap people's DNA; Barry's speed is accidentally given to Iris, who must defeat the new foe. Twenty-six different language are spoken inside the space of the high school but right now the most popular language is 'Hollywood-eez.' Tuesday, at 4 p.m., Paula Tutman shows you how the path to stardom goes right through this city.

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