Palestine National Council to hold leadership meeting in April

Amid rumors of Abbas’ deteriorating heath PLO appoints successor

Amid rumors of Abbas’ deteriorating heath PLO appoints successor

The chief Palestinian legislative body will hold its first meeting in almost a decade next month to elect a new leadership, officials said Wednesday. The goal of the meeting would be to discuss political issues and to fill positions on the powerful Executive Committee.

The Palestinian National Council (PNC), the highest decision making body, is going to convene on April 30, the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) decided on Wednesday.

Hallan cuerpo que podría ser de activista desparecida en Guerrero
Cabe destacar que este feminicidio en Guerrero es el cuarto en los primeros días del mes de marzo. Según los reportes de las autoridades estatales, la mujer presentaba huellas de golpes.

Amos Harel, a military analyst for Israeli newspaper Haaretz, has said that Israel is preparing for the possibility that "the continued deterioration of Abbas' health will lead to a struggle for succession within the PA, which would destabilise the relative stability of the West Bank", Arab 48 reported. Also known as Abu-Jihad, the former governor of Nablus was appointed last year as the first-ever vice president of the PA. Al-Aloul has been a member of Fatah's Central Committee since 2009 and has served 10 years as the Palestinian minister of labor. While the meeting is not designated for that goal, it could give a strong indication of who may one day succeed the Palestinian leader.

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