New Spectre-like flaws found in 'virtually all' AMD processors

AMD Ryzen and EPYC platforms at risk: More than a dozen critical security flaws discovered

AMD Ryzen and EPYC platforms at risk: More than a dozen critical security flaws discovered

According to the report, AMD Ryzen Workstation, Ryzen Pro, Ryzen Mobile, and EPYC Server chipsets are vulnerable. The vulnerabilities purportedly lie in what is supposed to be a secure part of the processors where sensitive information is contained. It remains to be seen what the fallout might be like for these newly discovered flaws. A team of Israeli researchers has published a paper outlining critical security flaws in AMD chips, much like the vulnerabilities in Intel and Apple's silicon.

Exploitation of Ryzenfall, Fallout or Chimera would require an attacker be able to run a program with local-machine elevated administrator privileges and "accessing the Secure Processor is done through a vendor supplied driver that is digitally signed".

Hot on the heels of Spectre and Meltdown, researchers say they have discovered more than a dozen (or exactly a baker's dozen) new critical security flaws affecting AMD's Ryzen and Epyc processor lines, CNET reports.

AMD noted in a public statement how unconventional this disclosure has been.

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Advanced Micro Devices is investigating a report that some of its processors have security vulnerabilities, the U.S. chipmaker said on Tuesday. We are actively investigating and analyzing its findings.

The researchers said they privately shared the vulnerability information with AMD, U.S. regulators and a select group of technology companies that can develop mitigations, such as Microsoft.

Although CTS Labs did not include details regarding the AMD flaws, Jake Williams, founder and CEO of Rendition Infosec LLC based in Augusta, Ga., said on Twitter that the report appears legitimate.

The flaws were discovered by CTS-Labs, a security outfit in Israel.

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