Murphy To Unveil First Budget As NJ's Governor

New Jersey Politicians Still Pushing Marijuana Legalization Despite Resistance

New Jersey Politicians Still Pushing Marijuana Legalization Despite Resistance

He has pledged to make investments that will make New Jersey "stronger and fairer" after eight years of Republican Gov. Chris Christie, who mostly swore off tax hikes and sought to control spending. Murphy used the roughly 20-minute appearance to preview his first budget address, set for Tuesday.

"I remain committed to a true millionaire's tax and closing corporate tax loopholes most states closed long ago", he said.

"Despite the fact that we anticipate a budget surplus, you can see the Democrats are already fighting over which tax to raise", Bramnick said.

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Any property tax relief could come in the form of a direct payment, to taxpayers or municipalities, or to reduce the tax levy or school funding. Senate President Steve Sweeney (D., Gloucester) has thrown cold water on that proposal, citing President Trump's tax overhaul, which reduced a popular deduction in the Garden State.

Assemblyman John DiMaio (R-Bridgewater) echoed Singer on high taxes driving residents to Florida, saying that high-income earners have left the state in droves.

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