Iran backs Kashmir cause while telling Pakistan to join Chabahar project

Modi govt seemed failed in putting a leash on officials of its spy agencies for the past several days

Modi govt seemed failed in putting a leash on officials of its spy agencies for the past several days

Pakistan on Tuesday accused India of intimidating and harassing its diplomat's children while they were on their way to school.

In what is seen as a major setback to India's diplomatic efforts, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has invited Pakistan to participate in the Chabahar Port project that connects India to Afghanistan, Central Asia and Eastern Europe, a leading Pakistani daily reported Tuesday. Two persons on a scooter are also seen blocking the way, and asking other vehicle drivers to move on. A man taking photographs was also clicked by the Pakistani diplomat.

The diplomats also complained of their families being harassed.

The Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi has written four note verbale to the Ministry of External Affairs, alleging specific incidents of harassment of diplomats, their family members and Indian workers in the High Commission.

One of the allegations pertains to children of a Pakistan counsellor who were allegedly "harassed, obstructed and blocked" by "unknown persons... while they were on their way from British School to home".

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It was further reported that another Pakistani diplomat's vehicle was intercepted earlier and children of the diplomat were harassed.

In another note, it said that the auto was hit from behind by another vehicle with Indian authorities on board.

According to the diplomatic sources, a total of around 500 to 600 Pakistanis including 104 officials and staffers at the high commission and their family members are now stationed in the Indian capital. The diplomat's daughter, according to sources, is still traumatised by the ordeal. In view of such an atmosphere, many families have returned to India. In a new low for ties, India-Pakistan relations are now caught in a vicious cycle of reprisals which was initiated because of, as Indian authorities say, a raid on a residential complex for Indian diplomats by ISI in Islamabad. For India, it is important that its diplomats in Islamabad are not discriminated against and denied membership of the prestigious Islamabad Club +.

"It's a normal affair for an Indian diplomat to get blocked in the middle of the road", said a source here.

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