Dear students, are you stressed out? Indulge in some dog therapy

Ruff-Ruff..!! We are here to help you de-stress

Ruff-Ruff..!! We are here to help you de-stress

According to the researchers, therapy dog sessions are becoming more popular on university campuses in the west.

Providing university students with dogs during exams would help lower stress levels and help them do their best in tests, a new study has concluded.

Students were free to pet, cuddle and chat with seven to 12 canine companions during the sessions.

The students were asked to fill out questionnaires immediately before and after the session, and again about 10 hours later.

Students felt significantly less stressed and more energized after interacting with the dogs, though the happy feelings weren't necessarily lasting, the study found.

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The results did show that some of these positive feelings were short-lived, with the team finding that happiness and life satisfaction did not appear to last, however the stress-busting effects did. Researchers suggest that therapy dog sessions have a measurable, positive effect on the well-being of university students, particularly on stress reduction and feelings of negativity.

Previous research has also shown that dogs can also offer support to young children and help reduce their levels of stress and anxiety.

In addition, having therapy dogs around while students are working on their out-of-class assignments could be even more helpful, researchers said.

The therapy dog sessions were organized in partnership with UBC's Alma Mater Society and Vancouver ecoVillage, a non-profit organization that provides therapeutic services, including therapy dog sessions, and mental health wellness services.

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