Auto ploughs into pedestrians - two children killed, pregnant woman critical

The driver attempted to speed away but was stopped by witnesses on the street cops said

The driver attempted to speed away but was stopped by witnesses on the street cops said

"And she just kept going, she had another person down there and then she finally kept going and then she crashed into a vehicle", one witness says.

A speeding auto struck and killed two young children in front of their horrified pregnant mother in New York City Monday, officials said.

The latest crash leaving pedestrians dead in the city took place around 12:40 the Park Slope neighborhood in the Brooklyn Borough.

According to witnesses, a woman drove her auto through a red light and into the crosswalk, hitting five people.

Mayor Bill DeBlasio and the NYPD confirmed that both children were transported to the hospital, where they were pronounced dead. The victims were 2 and 4, according to reports.

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The other two adult victims were treated at the scene. The sedan then came to a stop on the side of the street - with a crushed stroller under its back wheels. Law enforcement sources told the Post that the driver, who's in her 30s, was cuffed and will undergo toxicology tests.

The mother and her two kids, a three-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl, had just gotten off the bus and were crossing the street when a woman driving a white Volvo sped through the intersection at 9th Street and Fifth Avenue - and struck the family.

The driver apparently attempted to take off after hitting the victims, but crashed into another vehicle.

Their pregnant mum who was pushing them in a buggy is also fighting for her life after the horror crash in Brooklyn, New York.

Eric Adams, the Brooklyn borough president, said via Twitter that he's monitoring the situation.

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