Arsenal Legend Hopes To Become Clubs Manager One Day

Arsenal Legend Hopes To Become Clubs Manager One Day

Arsenal Legend Hopes To Become Clubs Manager One Day

The Gunners have lost four of their last six games, but they seemed to claw some form back on Sunday when they beat Watford 3-0 at the Emirates.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is anxious by an apparent dip in attendance at the Emirates stadium in recent weeks but said he is confident the team will do "absolutely everything" to win back their fans. But the former apprentice has revealed that he would have to wait for Wenger to leave on his own terms before he could take over.

Vieira, who played for the Gunners from 1996 to 2005, is the current coach of Major League Soccer outfit New York City and refused to discuss taking over from his compatriot.

"I think if it's the end of the story, he will be the first to recognise it", the former Gunners captain added. And I would like to add that given all he has done for the club, what he has built and what he has won, he has sufficient legitimacy to decide himself when he should step down.

"He has the right to make this decision himself". "If there really is someone who loves this club and wants this club to succeed, it's Arsene".

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"Then we can discuss how the team plays or something else, but I find that the criticisms that fall on Arsene on a personal level are hard to accept".

"We are in a job where we have to get the fans on our side and do absolutely everything to achieve it".

"Well after the shambles of Arsenal's last home game in this competition, when they almost blew it against Ostersund, Arsene Wenger will play a strong line-up with a free weekend to follow", Nicholas told Sky Sports. "But one day", he said. "I can't say more, because there is nothing to say about it and I certainly do not want to upset Arsene, who I adore and for whom I have a lot of respect".

"I don't know how much negativity is out there".

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