Toyota Bringing Amazon Alexa to Its Cars

The Three is a $500 wireless tabletop speaker with Google Assistant and Bluetooth.                  Klipsch

The Three is a $500 wireless tabletop speaker with Google Assistant and Bluetooth. Klipsch

Set to be offered on Lexus and Toyota models with the Enform App Suite 2.0 and the Entune 3.0 App Suite, Alexa will enable users to get directions and control their smart home simply by speaking.

As far as Google Assistant goes, Klipsch will debut new versions of its Three and One Heritage series speakers with the voice controls in tow.

"LG has always been committed to developing TVs that combine innovative technologies with the widest range of convenient, user-friendly interfaces and adding Amazon Alexa is consistent with this strategy", said Tim Alessi, Senior Director, Product Marketing for home entertainment at LG Electronics USA.

This means you'll be able to control your smart home, add stuff to your shopping list, or start an audiobook from behind the wheel of your well-equipped, 2019 Camry without having to take your hands or eyes away from the task of driving.

The company announced the partnership at Consumer Electronic Show (CES), happening in Las Vegas.

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Amazon is pushing for Alexa to be integrated into pretty much everything, from cars to fridges, thanks to providing developers with the tools to easily fit the virtual assistant into their devices.

Voice-activated systems are becoming prevalent in new automobiles, either via manufacturers' own tech or through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Amazon's Alexa software has already made its way into just about every Internet-connected device you can imagine, like smartwatches, lamps, and refrigerators, to name just a few. Overall, this isn't a bad move by Toyota and it will make their cars more attractive to the scores of Alexa users out there.

As with HP, the Pavilion Wave will be the first to come designed specifically with offerings for voice interactions via Amazon Alexa.

Alexa can help customers with thousands of things and connects to more than a thousand third-party smart home products for added convenience and ease of use.

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