Tom Ricketts: Sammy Sosa must be honest about PED use

Tom Ricketts: Sammy Sosa must be honest about PED use

Tom Ricketts: Sammy Sosa must be honest about PED use

Like the optimism for a new season, January has brought another rite of passage, with Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts being asked about Sammy Sosa's status with the organization.

The Cubs invited many former players back for their annual convention, which takes place at the Sheraton Grand Chicago hotel, but Sosa has not been among them since he retired from baseball in 2007.

"Players from that era owe us a little bit of honesty", Ricketts said Saturday at the team's fan convention, via Jesse Rogers of ESPN. He has found himself under a cloud of suspicion about alleged steroid use, but he never officially tested positive for banned substances.

Sosa, who is on ballot for the 2018 class to the Baseball Hall of Fame, has not been welcomed back into the Cubs franchise since his departure in 2004.

Sosa played 13 years for the Cubs, hitting 545 home runs, including three years of 60 or more.

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Despite that, Ricketts is hopeful that Sosa will be open with him moving forward, saying, "I think we have to be sympathetic to that era.but the players owe us some honesty, too". "I feel like the only way to turn this page is just to put everything on the table".

After the panel was over, Ricketts reiterated that message but refused to expand on his answer regarding Sosa.

Some might find some hypocrisy in Sosa's situation considering the team employed known PED user Manny Ramirez as a hitting consultant in recent years. But Ricketts intimated it's not steroid use that bothers him as much as the denials.

Sosa is the Cubs all-time leader in home runs and third in RBIs with 1,414.

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