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According to a latest study, the diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts may reduce the risk of frailty in older individuals, For the study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, the researchers conducted a systematic review and meta- analysis of four published studies.

For their analysis, the team included data from four studies that had examined the link between following a Mediterranean diet and incidence of frailty in 5,789 people from China, France, Italy, and Spain, who were followed for an average of 3.9 years. The studies included almost 5,800 older adults in France, Spain, Italy and China. Frail older adults may often have low energy, weight loss, and weak muscle strength.

Since nutrition is thought to play a crucial role in becoming frail, researchers at the U.K.'s University College London checked to see if a healthy diet might decrease the risk. A diet revolving around plant- based foods and low to moderate amounts of fish and poultry helps keep people healthy and independent as they age, concluded the study.

These key components include: a high intake of plant-based foods, such as vegetables (including leafy vegetables), fruits, nuts, pulses, whole cereals, and olive oil; a moderate intake of fish, dairy, meat, and red wine; and a low intake of candies and eggs. "People who followed a Mediterranean diet the most were overall less than half as likely to become frail over a almost four-year period compared with those who followed it the least", said Walters.

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These include lower incidences of cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, overall cancer incidence, as well as prolonged survival. This age induced frailty may make them suffer from various health concerns, including falls, fractures, hospitalisation, nursing home placement, disability, dementia, and premature death.

Frailty is described as a "state of increased vulnerability, resulting from aging-associated decline" that lessens a person's ability to cope with everyday challenges and situations of acute stress.

Frailty is common among older people, and it is becoming more common as the population ages.

"We found the evidence was very consistent that older people who follow a Mediterranean diet had a lower risk of becoming frail", said researcher Kate Walters, Ph.D.

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