Duo video calls can now reach users without the app

Google Duo will Now Let You Call to Android Users who haven't installed the App

Google Duo will Now Let You Call to Android Users who haven't installed the App

Google's added a lot of new features and improvements since its release in 2016, but like any other communications app, it's faced the same issue of forcing you to encourage your friends and family members to actually download it so you can talk to them. They were designed for different purposes.

The feature, powered by Google Play's App Preview Messaging, will allow non-Duo users to see the video call much the same as if they were using the Duo app, including a preview of what the caller's camera is displaying.

While the Allo was supposed to be the best messaging app even though they already had Hangouts which previously supported phone number integration, the company wanted it to be a standalone solution. Google Pay aims to make it simpler for global users to pay for different services online. Most people didn't have it installed and even if you had it, it was tough to place a call to those on the other end.

Alongside the change to Duo, Google is improving Allo, its messaging app. Google has used App Preview Messaging since its inception to send messages to non-Allo users.

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Reports suggest that users, who have installed the latest Android version on their smartphone, can access Google Duo without downloading the app.

As soon as the call is made, the recipient will immediately be able to see what is being shown through the caller's camera. The app also lets users make audio-only calls. "Duo will be a default calling service on all Android phones with Google services", said username wgn_luv on Reddit. Additionally, these users will also get a notification, which will allow them to block a caller from contacting them, or if you choose to continue receiving calls.

To make this happen, the search giant's using a Google Play Services feature called App Preview Messaging, which launched alongside Allo, Google's text messaging platform, in 2016.

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