CBB's Andrew Brady comforts Ashley James as house prepares for triple eviction

Channel 5                   Andrew Brady

Channel 5 Andrew Brady

Andrew Brady offers to "comfort" Ashley James on Celebrity Big Brother 2018 tonight.

Ashley replied: "I feel good" - however, continued as though she was trying to convince herself of the fact: 'It's not like I'm the type of person that cant function without someone else, you know what I mean'.

Brady added: "If you need a one-on-one little chat or you want to cry or want to cuddle let me know, I'm always here".

The interaction follows Andrew declaring his desire to "smash" Ashley.

Jenek took to meditating on Thursday night's episode as he revealed he had been reflecting on the dynamic of their friendship. But I would smash that. "That's how I bring it back down to earth".

Speaking to Courtney Act, who he has also enjoyed a flirty relationship with, Andrew admitted he had feelings for Ashley, but stayed away due to her budding romance with Ginuwine.

Channel 5                   Ann Widdecombe
Channel 5 Ann Widdecombe

"It's just like Ginuwine walked out the door about..."

Andrew insisted: "No, no, no. I have said that I'd smash that for a long time".

The pair then embraced after the Made in Chelsea star said she was going to spend her final days with people that she really likes.

'And all of a sudden you've decided you love Ashley now. I support you and your seed sowing'.

Elsewhere in tonight's highlights, Amanda and Shane J discuss Ann's influence over Jess and Housemates describe their sex lives.

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