Wenger confirms Wilshere contract talks imminent

Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger

There was also bad news regarding Aaron Ramsey as Wenger has confirmed the midfielder has been ruled out for three weeks due to a hamstring injury that he suffered during the closing stages of the draw with Southampton last weekend.

Wilshere's contract with Arsenal expires at the end of the current season and he could leave the club in January to improve his chances of being in the England World Cup squad next summer.

"No, there's no update on the contract - we're in the same position as we were two weeks ago".

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand, who played alongside the 25-year-old at worldwide level briefly before hanging up his boots, is an obvious admirer of Wilshere, however believes the Englishman finally needs to reach his potential on the pitch.

Arsenal Team average- 7.07
Arsenal FC Arsenal Team average- 7.07

"I don't know if I will include him against Newcastle, it's still a little gamble and apart from that we will have to see how everybody recovers".

"That will look after itself". I said at the end of December, and we are at the start of December now, so it [discussions] is not far off.

"There's another game on Saturday [against Newcastle], we'll see what the boss does then".

I've said before that the next step for me is to get into this Premier League team and try to stay in this team. "This time of the year is probably the most important time of the season". I'd snap him up all day long, I really would. At the moment, I've just played my first game in the Premier League. I'm happy about that.

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