Mice chow down on a high-fat diet without becoming fat

Mice chow down on a high-fat diet without becoming fat

Mice chow down on a high-fat diet without becoming fat

Rather than preventing the mice developing more fat cells, keeping the weight off was due to the activation of the signaling pathway stopping the existing fat cells get bigger.

According to the U.S based study published in journal e life, conducted by Washington University in St. Louis U.S; by activating Hedgehog pathway in fat cells in mice- you could feed the animals a high -fat diet without making them overweight.

The team claims that the Hedgehog pathway keeps blocks the development of the fats beyond a certain size. While these mice did not balloon on such a diet, the control mice without the special genes did become obese. The results suggested that after eight weeks of eating the high-fat diet, control animals whose Hedgehog pathways had not been activated became obese.

"If we can come up with strategies to carefully target fat cells, then I think activating this pathway could be effective in the fight against obesity", he says. "Each fat cell grows bigger so that it can hold larger fat droplets".

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When the fat cells begin to expand, that is when the person tends to gain weight- as opposed to having more fat cells. By stimulating Hedgehog and related proteins in fat cells, Long's team kept the animals' fat cells from collecting and storing fat droplets.

In a bid to lose weight many of us fall for several myths and assumption along the way. "What's particularly important is that the animals in our study ate a high-fat diet but didn't gain weight, and in people, too much fat in the diet is a common cause of obesity", Long added. Senior investigator Fanxin Long said that these findings could help them to a new way of treating obesity.

More than one-third of the adult population in the U.S.is obese, and the estimated annual medical costs for obesity exceed 147 billion dollars. People with obesity have an increased risk for stroke, heart attack, diabetes and cancer.

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