Indian police arrest suspect in brutal murder of Muslim

Indian police arrest suspect in brutal murder of Muslim

Indian police arrest suspect in brutal murder of Muslim

The victim has been identified as, Afrazul, 48, was a resident of Malda in West Bengal.

Inspector General of Police, Udaipur range, Anand Shrivastava told The Indian Express, "We have also detained his minor nephew as it was he who shot the videos, including that of the murder".

In one clip, he says that Babri Masjid was demolished 25 years ago, but "nothing has happened" in the subsequent years. "But I never thought he was capable of murder", said Sita. He has made several inflammatory remarks, and also alleged that history was being "changed" under the influence of Islam, mentioning films like Padmavati and PK as well.

The BJP now rules 18 of India's 29 states and most have reported violent attacks on religious minorities, which rights groups say are often carried out with impunity. He also contradicted the wife's claim that Regar was a drug addict. "They ran away with a girl from our colony..."

The Indian Express report quoted her as saying, "I don't know why he did this". I knew the girl since childhood as her brother used to study with me. Afrazul's cousin, Mohammed Salik Sheikh, asked.

However, the deceased's relatives denied this and said Ashraful had nothing to do with any such incident and that the allegations were baseless.

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In Rajasthan state in April, Muslim Pehlu Khan was lynched by a mob as he transported cattle he had bought at an animal fair back to his home state of Haryana. "Why would this incident from many years ago be the reason for his death".

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee condemned the killing. How can people be so inhuman?

Congress' state president Sachin Pilot said, "It is absolutely horrific and I think it should stir the conscience of people who are running the state..."

Civil society outfits and political parties called for Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje's resignation over the killing. In a joint statement, the organisations sought the CM's resignation and a stop to "this culture of hate and violence against Muslims as it will seep into every dimension of our lives and it will be hard to stop".

"This is a deplorable act which needs to be condemned in the strongest possible terms", Raje, whose initial response to earlier instances of lynching in Rajasthan had fuelled criticism, said in a statement.

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