Body bag sent 'flying' through Auckland intersection

A New Zealand driver's dashcam captures a gurney sliding along the road. Source NZ Herald

A New Zealand driver's dashcam captures a gurney sliding along the road. Source NZ Herald

The motorist said he was "shocked at the sight" and had assumed at first that a heavy item had fallen from the back of the auto before realising it was a hearse and body stretcher.

'I was a bit shocked really.

A body bag on a gurney then falls out the auto and rolls down the intersection of Sandringham and Balmoral roads.

"Next thing you know I see the stretcher with the body on it flying through the intersection".

The hearse driver rushes to collect the stretcher.

An employee at a nearby petrol station was behind the till serving a customer and said he looked outside to see the driver loading the gurney and body bag back into the hearse.

Chief executive Katrina Shanks said it would not have happened if there was a body inside the bag.

It rolls through the intersection at speed before coming to a halt at the side of the road.

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The vehicle immediately stops and a motorcyclist helps the driver load the gurney back in to the boot.

Another witness of the incident, a staff member from Caltex, described the scene as "crazy" and he believed there was a body inside.

Craig Little, managing director of Davis Funerals, told the New Zealand Herald he could understand why passers-by thought the bag was full.

"We have a vinyl square pillow to lay people's head and at the foot-end of that stretcher there is a metal bar that can look like people's feet", he told the NZ Herald.

The driver of the hearse was returning to one of the company's funeral homes nearby but had not closed the boot of the hearse properly.

The driver was approaching an intersection in Auckland when his dashcam recorded a body bag on a gurney rolling down the street.

The Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand has described it as a "rare mistake", which was being investigated by the funeral home, the Metro reported.

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