ASUS announces world's first gigabit LTE-capable laptop

HP Envy X2 Always Connected PC unveiled

HP Envy X2 Always Connected PC unveiled

The devices in question are none other than Asus NovaGo and the HP Envy x2, both housing a Snapdragon 835 under the hood.

Earlier today, at the second annual Qualcomm Snapdragon Technology Summit 2017 in Hawaii, HP introduced its first Windows 10 machine powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. Instead, it rotates 360 degrees to go into tablet mode. It is equipped with a Qualcomm Integrated X16 LTE modem, which delivers Cat.16 download speeds of 1Gbps and Cat.13 upload speeds of 150Mbps. Needless to say, it can connect to Wi-Fi networks with no problems whatsoever.

Asus has not given out information regarding the laptop's pricing and availability.

The price isn't set in stone either, but it's expected to range from $600 to $800. It's fanless design makes the device weigh only 1.39kg.

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Now the screen measures at 12.3 inches and pushes out a 1920 x 1080 resolution. The convertible will be available in 4 GB / 6 GB / 8 GB RAM variants.

ASUS NovaGO will offer 22 hours of video playback and offer up to 30 days of modern standby.

In terms of connectivity, the Envy x2 has a SIM slot for LTE and USB Type-C ports, making it future proof. Since it runs Windows 10, it will support all key Windows features like Windows Ink, Windows Hello and Cortana.

A year ago in December, Microsoft announced that they are working with Qualcomm to bring new Laptops based on Qualcomm's ARM architecture of mobile processors and now the company has launched the world's first Always connected PCs/Laptop based on Qualcomm SoC and Windows 10. It's part of the manufacturers that partnered up with Qualcomm on this front, after all, which Intel isn't happy about.

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