You've not fulfill your campaign promises in education sector, Minister tells Buhari



"In those days, teachers treat their students or children like their own children. There is need to harmonise the learning and teaching that transpire our tertiary institutions as well as redefine our national goals periodically", he said.

"And what El-Rufai is trying to do now is exactly what that man told me about 10 years ago".

The president expressed the hope that the retreat would not only overcome the numerous challenges facing the nation's education sector, but also to strengthen the Ministerial Strategic Plan that had already been developed by the ministry. "It is a very tragic situation we are in and this our gathering together to me is one of the most important in this administration".

According to him, the trend of events had necessitated the convocation of such summit, which he said must re-direct the drifting state of the nation's education by evolving strategies meant to boost primary and secondary education in the country.

"With an estimated 13.2 million children out of school, high illiteracy level, infrastructural deficit and decay, unqualified teachers, and inadequate instructional materials, to mention some of the challenges, we can clearly see the effect of decades of neglect that the education sector has suffered".

He said Nigeria is seriously underfunding education, even when compared to other sub-Saharan African countries, and warned that the federal government would have to spend significantly more, if it would achieve its goals as a change government. Mass literacy, adult education, distance learning, nomadic education and the rest are all important; but we can not deliver them without giving respectability and renewed stature to the teacher. We can not progress beyond the level and standard of our education.

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He said his government was committed to revitalising the country's education system and making it more responsive and globally competitive.

"Today, it is those who acquire the most qualitative education, equipped with requisite skills and training, and empowered with practical know-how that are leading the rest". It is a human right that creates a safe, healthy and prosperous society.

"These targets are, happily, in harmony with the manifesto and the CHANGE agenda of our Party, the All Progressive Congress (APC)".

Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu, has called for the declaration of emergency in the Education sector.

He said the challenges are not insurmountable, noting that what is needed is vastly improved funding accompanied by a strong political will.

The Retreat, with the theme; "Education Sector in Nigeria Challenges and Prospects", has Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, cabinet ministers, Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Presidential aides, heads of agencies and parastatals under the Ministry of Education as participants.

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